Miniature Rodeo Events

Miniature Rodeo Events

Roughstock Age Groups

Tiny Tot: 4yrs & under   PeeWee: 5-6yrs   Junior: 7-9yrs   Super Junior: 10-12yrs   Senior: 13-15yrs   Super Senior: 16-19yrs   (Age as of Jan 1)

Barrel Racing Age Groups

Lead Line: Any Age   PeeWee: 5-6yrs   Junior: 7-10yrs   Senior: 11-14yrs   Super Senior: 15-19yrs   Open Barrels: Any Age   (Age as of Jan 1)

Bareback Riding

Cowboys/Cowgirls ride a horse bareback while holding onto a riggin. The riggin resembles a suitcase handle on a strap and is secured onto the horses withers with a cinch. The rider then rides for 6 or 8 seconds (depending on age group) and cannot touch with their free arm. Bareback Riding has a mark out rule where the rider must keep their spurs above the point of the shoulder for the first jump out of the chutes. The score is based on both horse and rider. A rider is judged by his amount of control and spurring while a horse is judged on its bucking performance. As the age of the rider increases so does the competition level of this event.

Bull Riding

One of the staples of all rodeos is the bull riding event. Bull Riding is done with a flat braided rope that a rider uses to tie themselves to the back of a bull with one hand for 6 or 8 seconds (depending on age group). The rider is not allowed to touch with their free hand. There is no mark out rule in the bull riding but spurring can increase the riders score. As our contestants grow, larger bulls are used in the events and the competitiveness increases.

Saddle Bronc Riding

Saddle Bronc riding is a classic rodeo event. The rider holds on with one hand to a thick rein attached to the horses halter to try and stay in their saddle for 6 or 8 seconds (depending on age group). The Saddle Bronc riding also has a mark out rule where the spurs must stay above the point of the horses shoulder for the first jump out of the chute. The rider than tries to keep in time with the bucking by raking their spurs from shoulder to the back of the saddle. As our contestants get older and more skilled the horses they ride also increase in their abilities.

Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing is an event where the fastest time wins. Contestants must run a cloverleaf pattern around 3 set barrels. A rider has the choice to run to the left or right barrel first. For every barrel knocked over a 5 second penalty is added to the rider’s time. Barrel Racing is a combination of a horse and riders skill and ability.